Company Culture

Railroad Construction Company, Inc.’s Culture of Commitment

We are committed to the safety, development and well-being of our co-workers by providing a supportive environment that inspires each of us to excel in our professional and personal lives.

We are committed to partnering with our customers as we safely deliver quality construction and engineering services with professionalism, responsiveness and integrity.

We are committed to making a positive impact on the community in which we are located through sharing our financial resources as well as encouraging our co-workers to offer their time.

Ownership Mentality

Hold yourself accountable for the results of your actions.
Create and nurture trustworthy relationships.
Establish credibility and confidence in your decision making.
Clear perspective on how you contribute to the results.
Transparency and honesty create successful communication.
Positive energy and excitement about the business.
Work outside of your job description/horizontal collaboration.
Bring your co-workers together through your leadership.

Co-Worker Testimonials

“Teamwork is encouraged and there is an effort to make everyone feel valued.”

“This organization puts its people first 100% of the time. The senior management establishes a culture where coworkers are empowered and supported, which enhances everyone’s performance and creates a fantastic working atmosphere.”

“RCC is just a great place to work, there are definitely challenges, but good challenges and we always have fun trying to achieve our goals!”

“Very friendly and open workplace, with nice people and a great culture.”

“RCC maintains a close knit, family like culture even after grow

“RCC’s mission – Safety, Quality, Productivity and Having Fun. Those are the core values and they are practiced daily.”

“Our recent transition into an ESOP has added some further incentive and motivation to keep the company moving in the right direction, and it’s exciting to work towards your own future. As we say, ‘we build our future.’”

“Great Leadership – cares, listens, firm but fair.”

“[RCC] values each and every coworker for what they individually bring to the table. They treat everyone with respect and also like family. Everyone comes to work w

Headshot of Bob Paz

Bob Paz


When you work at an ESOP Company, you earn a paycheck and shares of the company – your ownership grows.

-Bob Paz, Chief Financial Officer

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