A well structured quality management system is essential to the smooth and efficient handling of any construction project. As jobs increase in size and sophistication, the need to maintain consistent oversight of quality operations is of utmost importance. The Quality Assurance / Quality Control (QAQC) Department is tasked with minimizing the number and severity of quality incidents.
Our quality goals are met through implementation of the following procedures:

• Co-worker training
• Development of standardized work plans for each major construction activity
• Inspection by both independent consultants and in-house team
• Evaluation of subcontractors and suppliers
• Timely reporting of quality issues
• Prompt remediation of problems / incidents
• Interviews with customers
• Self evaluation

The QAQC Department is current on the latest trends and methods in quality maintenance. Each of our projects is supervised by a company quality representative while exceptionally large or high risk jobs may warrant full time quality personnel. Through strict adherence to quality guidelines, we strive to minimize and eliminate quality incidents, increase productivity and deliver a project with maximum customer satisfaction.