Meadowlands Tri-Venture (Transit Track)

Location: SECAUCUS, NJ


  • Constructed major transportation system serving MetLife Stadium and Meadowlands Complex
  • Installed and commissioned communications and signal systems including two new interlockings
  • Constructed 24,000 TF of ballasted track on concrete ties, four No. 15 concrete-tie crossovers and five concrete-tie turnouts
  • Installed 2,000 LF of pile-supported, precast viaduct structures
  • Constructed new two-story rail station


Three of New Jersey’s premier general contractors (J. Fletcher Creamer & Son, Inc., Joseph M. Sanzari, Inc. and Railroad Construction Co., Inc.) joined together to form a tri-venture, Creamer-Sanzari-Railroad-A Tri-Venture, tasked with constructing a major new transportation hub serving MetLife Stadium and the Meadowlands Sports and Entertainment Complex. This hub created direct access to the Complex from all major railways in New Jersey and New York.

Across a span of two miles an all new railroad system was constructed connecting the Meadowlands station to the existing NJ Transit rail line. This system included over five miles of new track, 13 new concrete-tie turnouts, all required wayside signaling and grade crossing protection. Because the extension crosses Berry’s Creek, 3,500 FT of elevated structure was required, supported by over 1,000 pipe piles. The balance of the extension was built on surcharged fill.

A new two-story train station was constructed with access to two platforms and three tracks. This station can accommodate up to 10,000 riders per hour allowing for the easy flow of foot traffic to and from the Complex. This modern facility now makes mass transit an attractive alternative for traveling to and from sporting events, concerts and attractions at the Meadowlands.