Inside of a white facility with garage

Harmon Shop Replacement Phase II


Client: Harmon

Contract Value:

Project Dates:


  • Design/Build project for the construction of a new maintenance-of-way administrative building, a new communications building, a new gatehouse security building and an addition to the material distribution center

  • Constructed on concrete slab foundations with structural steel framework and bituminous membrane roofing
  • Installed all interior systems including HVAC, fire suppression, skylights and tinted windows with curtain wall drywall and acoustical tile ceilings
  • Installed building signage, paving, guide rail and pavement markings
  • Commissioned all building systems and a substation


  • All work was performed in an operating rail yard, adjacent to active tracks



This new group of buildings was constructed for Metro-North Railroad Harmon Shop. Facility elements included reinforced concrete pile caps, grade beams and foundations, concrete slab construction with super flat floor tolerances, structural steel fabrication and erection, insulated architectural precast concrete panels with tinted and acid-etched finish, three-coat Kynar insulated metal panels, SBS modified bituminous membrane roofing, skylights, translucent and tinted windows and curtain walls. Interior work included installation of drywall, acoustical tile ceilings, VCT, carpeting, ceramic tile and epoxy resin floor coatings, pallet storage rack systems, lighting, electrical, fire suppression systems including sprinklers and FM-200 clean agent systems, plumbing and automatic temperature controlled HVAC.

Work completed in Phase II prepared the site for major facilities to be constructed in Phase III. These activities included demolition of buildings, removal of 200,000 gallon, 1,000 gallon and 550 gallon fuel tanks, site clearing, new 13.2 kV power distribution, new site storm drainage (including 4 Vortechnics water quality inlets and a 11,000 SF Storm Chamber leaching field), relocation of monitoring wells, new domestic and fire water systems connecting to existing operating services, new sanitary drainage systems connecting to existing operating systems and the treatment plant, relocation and/or construction of new storage yards and structures, fencing and gates, roadway realignment, guide rail, pavement markings and paving. Construction occurred in an operating rail yard and functioning maintenance facilities. Maintenance and protection of vehicular traffic was necessary and construction was staged in order to minimally affect Metro-North operations.

RCC procured a State Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (SPDES) permit and monitored the site through a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP). Rehabilitation of the A-31 Ossining substation included demolition of electrical equipment, lead paint and asbestos abatement, building renovation, new 15 kV switchgear, mimic panel, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) System and data concentrator-based Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) with local control panel.

Maintenance pit rehabilitation and a new steel drop table system was installed with new locomotive/coach car support equipment. Once again, work took plan in the operating maintenance shop. Finally, a Quality Management System Manual was developed along with a site specific Health and Safety Plan. All fundamental building systems and the substation were commissioned.