What started as a family-owned business in 1926 was re-established in 2020 as a 100% co-worker-owned company (Employee Stock Ownership Plan – ESOP) to help each co-worker truly share in the company’s success.

As a member of the RCC ESOP, you earn shares of the company at no personal cost. Watch your account grow with annual contributions, stock value appreciation and dividend payments. It’s company funded, it is automatic and you are fully vested after six years!

Co-Worker Ownership is a high impact benefit that not only rewards loyalty and accomplishment upon retirement, but also elevates the daily work environment. It is about the culture created by fellow co-workers and the value of camaraderie, being part of something bigger than the company itself and having the wherewithal that you are building your future.

The company’s value is analyzed every year by an independent valuation expert. Many factors are considered in the valuation of shares, including:

  • Current profits
  • Forecast of future profits
  • Company’s financial condition
  • Overall market

A co-worker owned company is in fact, proven to perform better than non-ESOPs. According to the National Center for Employee Ownership (NCEO), years of research shows that co-workers who think and act like owners outperform those who do not:

  • Millennials who work for an ESOP report substantially higher income, wealth and access to benefits.
    • 33% higher median wages
    • 92% higher net household worth
    • 2.6 times more likely to receive tuition benefits
  • ESOPs provide much more job stability.
    • Non-ESOP companies cut jobs by 3% for each 1% increase in the unemployment rate
  • When treated like an owner, the result of work performed places the company in a more lucrative position, generating an incremental 6 to 11% added growth per year.